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DURING THE FESTIVAL IN ROME – Via Libetta, 1 – 00154 Roma


29 APRIL from 18:00 to 21:00 – 30 APRIL from 10:00 to 21:30 – 01 MAY from 10:00 to 17:30 (italian time)


Prints made in partnership with “PHOTOGRAPHIC PAPER The original” by FUJIFILM


“As I travelled through America, I noticed the same pattern in many cities: in all the bad areas, I saw white women, generally young and at one time generally pretty, who were drug addicts — and I’m talking serious heroin or crack addicts. Many of them admitted they were sex workers and in many instances they looked like a shell of themselves. This struck me very deeply bringing back memories from my youth. In all of these women, I see my own mother — ravaged by pharmaceutical drugs, alcohol and her lifestyle — so I went to these areas where they hang out and I started asking them if I could photograph them.?? This personal motivation is the genesis of my ongoing project Only God Can Judge Me on prostitutes and drugs. I went back again to photograph some of these women in Overtown, Miami and I interviewed them. It’s hard to imagine how much suffering and how little hope their stories contain. We ignore them but they do exist and survive at the “other end of the spectrum” as Trish says.


Bruce Gilden grew up in Brooklyn, making him no stranger to the city’s multi-faceted nature. His photographs are of the street poet variety with his images laid out in a stream-of-consciousness-type manner. Though the sequencing follows no particular, identifiable rhythm, they reflect the meandering eye of their maker. The photographs, made on the streets, at all times of day, reveal the human zoo that is New York.


The prints of the Bruce Gilden exhibition were made on FUJICOLOR Crystal Archive Digital Paper Type DPII Matte silver halide photographic paper, with digital exposure and chemical development process TYPE RA4.

Fujicolor Crystal Archive Digital Paper Type DPII Matte is a photographic paper, from the Original Photo Paper family, designed by Fujifilm and is one of the finest professional silver halide papers, used for gallery prints and created specifically for professionals. It offers the widest range of colors, maximum density for intense blacks, richness of detail and excellent color saturation.

Fujicolor Crystal Archive Digital Paper Type DPII enhances and enhances the stylistic and technical characteristics of each image, ensuring its durability over time and in memory, through an excellent visual rendering.

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