30 APRIL 2022 from 15:00 italian time

Where and how:

Free event and without reservation. Those wishing to participate must present themselves in front of the entrance of the festival location at the Officine Fotografiche in Via Libetta, 1 – 00154 Rome

Massimiliano Faralli

I was born and raised in Prato, in Tuscany. Throughout my life, on and off, I have always practiced and taken photography at all levels. I have been shooting with analog cameras for years using different formats and I switched to digital after a break. I am a member of the Fotoclub “Il Bacchino” in Prato, for some time I have been collaborating with them with street photography courses. However, my activity is full and constant with friends and photographic groups. I work mainly in predetermined contexts as lately I like to work on photographic projects programmed over time. I constantly experiment with new techniques, new visions, study a lot and follow what I like or what strikes my curiosity. In the specific photographic action I constantly use the flash and I am attracted to the color. Empathy is the emotion that drives much of my work, I move with the people I portray, close to them, and enter the scene; I don’t hide but I interact. My photographs have been published in various magazines, exhibited in group exhibitions and mentioned in photographic competitions, I am happy that my work is recognized, but I shoot because the action produces in me a moment of harmony and serenity that I hope can be transferred to the other.

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